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S. Croix River Day Trip

**Guided Canoe Trip Info for 2019**

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The St. Croix river is one of Maine's most outstanding rivers featuring a near perfect blend of natural scenery, moderate whitewater, and excellent fishing. The section of the upper St. Croix that we run on this trip is hands down one of if not the best section of Maine river to be found in regards to fun whitewater and overall adventure that can be run throughout the warm summer months and into the fall.

Short stretches of whitewater best characterized as lively yet not intimidating make the St. Croix great for mixed parties. The river is perfect for learning basic whitewater canoeing techniques but if you'd rather just follow your guide you can do that too.

Trip Overview

Length:6 hours
Where:Trip meets at the Shell service station 114 Main Street, Princeton Maine (previously Mobil)
Included:All canoeing gear (canoes, PFD's, paddles, dry bags), guide services, basic canoe instruction, transportation arrangements to and from the river
Reservations:Sunrise Canoe and Kayak

Experienced Guides

Our canoe trips are led by Master Maine Guides who have worked as professional river guides for over 20 years. All of our guides share an emphasis for safety and education as well as a passion for river trips.

The Day of Your Trip

The day of your trip our staff will meet you in Princeton, Maine and outfit you with PFD's and dry bags. After arriving at the river, our guide(s) will provide your party with basic canoe instruction and conduct a safety briefing before heading down river.

What to Expect

The St. Croix river is basically short stretches of whitewater alternating with flat, moving water. If you have any inclination at all and adequate enthusiasm you and your partner down can enjoy the river and negotiate the rapids just by following your guide. However, if you want to learn more about canoe paddling your guide will be more than happy to oblige or maybe you and your party are interested in one of the focused trip options outlined below.

The morning of your trip, your guide will meet you at 8:30 in Princeton, Maine where you will be outfitted with dry bags and PFD's before heading to the river. At the put in your guide(s) will provide your party with basic canoe instruction and conduct a safety briefing before heading down river. Along the way, the trip has one longer stop for lunch with time to relax and maybe go for a refreshing swim.

We are typically back in Princeton with you ready to head to your next destination by 3:30pm.

What to Wear/Bring

Dry bags are provided for you to pack items in.

Wear something on your feet that you don't mind getting wet and that won't float away while you swim, shorts or light pants (it's best to have long pants with you even if the weather is warm enough for shorts), a seasonable top with an extra layer (fleece, jacket, etc.), and a hat that provides sun protection.

Make sure to bring a good lunch and plenty of water, a day on the river can make you very hungry and of course proper hydration is always important.

Other items you may want are sunscreen, sunglasses, binoculars, camera, and snacks.

Don't forget your fishing gear and Maine fishing license if you are on a fishing option trip! We are prepared to provide basic fishing gear for you if you need it, be sure to let us know in advance.


Our St. Croix river day trips run from May through October except on very windy or stormy days.

Scheduling and Pricing

Your activities can be planned according to the time you have to spend in Downeast Maine. We recommend that you plan your trip as early as possible in your vacation in case weather forces rescheduling. St. Croix river day trips are $110/person and meet at the Shell service station 114 Main Street, Princeton Maine.

Large Groups

The St. Croix river is particularly well suited for organized groups of any kind including youth groups and paddling clubs. The challenge and accomplishment of running the rapids on this wild stretch of river is not only fun but an excellent team-building and bonding experience. If your group is interested by all means get in touch with us, maybe your group would like to focus on one of the trip options below.

Trip Options

If you have run our St. Croix day trips before and are looking build upon the skills you learned or if you are interested in focusing on one of the following activities from the get go let us know, we are happy to set up a trip focusing on any of these activities:

River Canoeing 101- Your guide will cover detailed tandem canoeing instruction for your party including how to read whitewater and how to perform canoe skills like eddy turns and forward ferries followed by practice and coaching.

Solo Canoeing- Solo canoeing is a specialty of your guides and if you are interested they will be happy to teach you the skills you need to paddle your own canoe down the rapids! Solo canoeing is a rewarding challenge and the St. Croix is a great river to learn on. All you need is the enthusiasm!

Canoe Poling Clinic- Poling is another skill your guides rely on and will be happy to teach you the basics. This skill is best learned after you have had some basic experience in river canoeing and are comfortable paddling a solo canoe.

Fishing- Fishing on the St. Croix is excellent given the river's healthy population of smallmouth bass presenting a great opportunity to run whitewater and catch fish in the same day! You are still responsible for paddling you canoe through the rapids and down the river but your guides will allow ample time to wet lines throughout the day. A Maine fishing license is required. Licenses can be obtained through the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife website ( or at most fishing supply retailers.


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