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Machias Bay Kayak Tour

**Half Day Guided Tour Info**

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A kayak tour is a FUN and memorable activity for your eastern Maine vacation. Machias Bay's exciting combination of wildlife, island scenery, and history make kayaking here a special experience. Your Master Maine Sea Kayak Guide will help bring these diverse aspects to life while ensuring your Machias Bay kayak tour is safe, fun, and memorable. Beginners, families, and friends welcome!

Trip Overview

Length:4 hours
Where:Trip meets at Sunrise Canoe and Kayak, 168 Main Street, Machias Maine
Included:All kayaking gear (tandem kayaks, PFD's, paddles, dry bags), guide services, basic kayak instruction, transportation arrangements to and from the put in
Reservations:Sunrise Canoe and Kayak

Friendly Knowledgable Guides

Each trip is led by a Registered Maine Sea Kayak Guide who will brief you on safety and proper paddling technique before leaving shore and help you identify wildlife and points of interest during the trip.

Comfortable, Stable Kayaks

Although most of our guests have no prior experience in a kayak, they are pleasantly surprised at the comfort, stability, and effortless steering of our two-person sea kayaks. Folks are amazed at how enjoyable this truly unique perspective of coastal scenery and wildlife can be.

Relaxed Pace

The relaxed pace of our trips allows time to focus on the wonders we may encounter along the way. A scenic stop halfway gives everyone time to stretch, enjoy a snack, and relax a bit before continuing on with the second part of our trip.


One of the highlights of the Machias Bay kayak tour is it affords an excellent opportunity to view harbor seals from a kayak. Of course like any wild animal, you never know when or if they will show up, but there is a high possibility of viewing these beautiful creatures on our trip. Machias Bay also has a number of nesting Bald Eagles and there is a decent chance of seeing mature and/or juvenile Bald Eagles.


Petroglyphs are pictures often depicting humans, animals, spirits, visions, or events that are dinted (chiseled) into rock. Some of the petroglyphs in Machias Bay may have been created over 1500 years ago. This rare and precious artwork speaks for itself, however your guide will offer interpretation including historical information as well as some ideas about their significance, past and present.

Battle of Machias Bay

On June 12, 1775 following a general breakdown in trade negotiations, Machias residents responded to threats on their town from a British officer and attacked and captured his 100-ton schooner, the Margaretta. Because of the circumstances surrounding this rebellious act, the battle of Machias Bay is recognized as the United States first naval battle. The incident is also an excellent example of one of the most important tactics employed by the colonies in the Revolutionary War.

What to Bring

For kayaking, we recommend wearing something on your feet that you don't mind getting wet, shorts or light pants, a seasonable top with an extra layer (fleece, jacket, etc.), and a hat that provides sun protection. Other items you may want are sunscreen, sunglasses, binoculars, camera, snack, and water. We provide dry bags for you to pack items in.

Scheduling and Group Size

Tours must be scheduled around the tides so meeting times vary from day to day. Group size is limited to 12 participants.


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